The Best Supplement for Stamina in Bed (9+ Mins)

This is about the best supplement for stamina in bed. This is my personal story on accidentally stumbling upon a supplement that helped me last for more than 9 minutes. Crazy right?

Best Supplement for Stamina In Bed – How I Found it?

I am 31, weigh over 100 pounds and I am obese. 

Basically my sexual life is screwed. I love to have sex. But the problem is I have a hard time getting aroused. And even if I get aroused I last for just above 50 secs. 

I could see the disappointment in my wife’s face. 

Whenever, I ask here, Did you like it? She would smile and say ‘Why do you even ask?’ for which I had no answer. 

Once, i made love to her with more than 10 mins of foreplay. She seemed pretty happy. I knew it because she said all her tiredness has been washed away. 

However, the recent stress at my desk job is killing me. 

I couldn’t get to more than one minute of coitus.  

So I Started Doing My Own Research…

The first thing I found that it is common to pre ejaculate. This is probably due to the fact that men who are not accustomed to frequent sex ejaculate fast. And this is common in teenagers only. 

Therefore, if you are a teenager probably under 18, then stop reading and have more sex. 

However, if you are someone like me then please read on. 

Later I found that one needs to have pumping power. The natural stamina. Like holding your breath longer and running longer without getting tired. In short you need your cardio health at top level. 

I started running, swimming and lifting weights. 


It Didn’t Help Me Last Longer

It was at this time that I read a book (I have forgotten the book’s name). The book stated that exercise has nothing to do with your health. 

Your health is directly related to what you eat. 

And to eat healthy foods daily, especially those that increase stamina is impossible. 

I hardly have time to watch a movie on weekdays. 

This is When I learnt About Supplements To Increase Stamina in Bed

I came across a supplement called Spartagen XT recommended by one of my colleagae. 

This supplement is sold as male enhancement pill.

I asked my colleague whether it is any good when it comes to lasting longer in bed. 

He replied ‘Just take three pills daily for a week and you will have your answer.’

I did as he said.

The Boom *** Boom Moment

It was Thursday. I had just returned home from work. 

I washed my self and fired up Amazon prime. I love two and half men. I was watching the episode where Alan tries to force Kandi in selling their condo. Kandi however, knows how to get Alan into sex and make things forget. 

I got aroused. 

When we were going to bed, I silently moved towards my wife and started nudging her. 

We started our usual foreplay. 

I lasted for nearly 6 Mins in Bed

In just a couple of mins she was wet and I went into her. 

The motion was slow and steady. In the next minute my thrusts were hard and strong. 

Slowly I started to pick up the pace. And the next minute I was thrusting harder and faster. I couldn’t keep the count but my thrusts were like thrice for every second. 

After nearly 6 mins I was laying beside my loving wife. I could see the happiness in her eyes and this time I didn’t need to ask if she liked it. I could see in her eyes that she loved it. 

Now I Last for More than 9 Minutes

I have increased my stamina thanks to the supplement. Of course exercise, good eating habits helped me a lot. 

Our relationship has changed. We are both happier than before. We fight less. And my wife loves me more than before. 

Never knew that good sex could ease my life so much. 

Note: This is just my personal story. I am not here to promote the supplement. However, if you are interested here is a link to their official website.