Best Testosterone Supplements Review (Updated for 2019)

In this testosterone supplements review, you will find top testosterone supplements, their effectiveness, ingredients, what to expect and how to get a refund in case they don’t meet your expectations.

Hi, my name is Fred Morton. I am your usual guy who goes to the gym and wishes to get bigger muscles.

 To get bigger muscles, everyone knows we need to workout harder. But the most important part is you need an extra supplement of testosterone.

See, our body is capable of producing its own testosterone. However, it is not sufficient for maximum muscle gain. And, if you are above 30 you need even more dose of testosterone because your body’s testosterone production is already on the dive.

Therefore, it makes sense to take testosterone supplement.

But there is one major drawback of taking testosterone supplements. When you start taking testosterone your body senses it. The brain thinks your body has enough testosterone to function hence shuts down the body’s production of testosterone. When this continues for weeks or for a long time your body loses its ability to produce testosterone.

In the end, you have only one option, to take testosterone continuously or kick start your body’s testosterone production.

Moreover, there are other several side effects of taking testosterone which I am not going to write about. But it’s safe to assume that they are dangerous and can make your life miserable.

So, Does This Mean One Cannot Take Testosterone Supplements?

No, not exactly.

There is alternative to taking testosterone supplements and it’s taking natural testosterone supplements.

Testosterone supplements contain artificially synthesized testosterone. They are not only illegal but harmful as discussed above.

However, natural testosterone boosters are more of a boon to us. These natural testosterone boosters force the body to create more natural testosterones.

Note: if you can order a testosterone supplement without prescription then its natural testosterone supplement. You cannot purchase artificially synthesized testosterone without a prescription legally.

Personally, I have tried several testosterone supplements. Only few among several seemed to provide the boost that I needed. Don’t get me wrong here. Every body is different therefore, I can speak of only what works for me.

Now, I will provide an indepth review of the best three testosterone supplements, that I personally felt were great and helped me build muscle mass in the shortest period of time.

Top 3 Three Testosterone Supplements Reviews

For the purpose of increasing my overall testosterone supplement naturally I looked over the internet for some testosterone supplements.

I found several names popping but out of them few kept on repeating. They are:

Spartagen XT

Testogen and


I Have Compared All Three And Created A Table.

You can decided by taking a look at the table or read my detailed review instead.


Free Trial






Spartagen XT 


Best Seller

Power Packed Ingredients

Skyrocket Testosterone Levels

Huge Muscle Gains

Increased Sexual Power

100% All Natural

Zero Side Effects

60 Day Money Back Guarantee



Second Best Seller

Active Ingredients

Boosts Testosterone Levels

Builds Muscle

Better Results in Bed

100% Natural

Zero Side Effects

60 Day Money Back Guarantee



Best for Male enhancement

Powerful Ingredients

Works as an excellent Male enhancement pill

Does not build muscle

Greatly Increased sexual power

100% All Natural

Zero Side Effects

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Spartagen XT Review

I decided to start off with Spartagen. Immediately I visited their official website and ordered a bottle of Spartagen XT.

The bottle was delivered to me in just 3 days. I opened up the parcel and found the testosterone supplement neatly packed.

Upon looking at the label I found that it consisted of several natural herbs. Almost all included herbs are used as testosterone boosters since ancient times, especially in Chinese medicine.

Here is a list of ingredients and a short description of what the ingredient does.

Tongkat Ali: This is an Asian plant known as male enhancement herb. It also increases free testosterone resulting in  quality semen production .

Tribulus: This herb increases male and female libido. Enhances male sexual health and is known to  assist in a stronger erection .

Butea Superba: It’s a vine which increases sexual performance. The roots are grounded and taken as a drink.

Korean Red Ginseng: It is used for treating weaker erections. Korean red ginseng is taken in the form of tea.

Chrysin & Maca: Both herbs avoid conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Vitamin D, E B6, Zinc & Magnesium: All these vitamins and minerals have the essential role of increasing testosterone directly or indirectly.

Each ingredient is an active powerful testosterone booster.

However, I didn’t want to take anything for granted. I began my experiment the next day.

Note: For best results I kept my workout and food intake as normal as possible. There wasn’t any drastic change in my diet or in my consumption of food.

The Spartagen bottle mentions to take two capsules each day before retiring to bed. I am very familiar with the idea of taking testosterone supplements before bed.

Why? Because it is during sleep hours that your body produces its own natural testosterone. And when you take these supplements you get the boost for testosterone production.

For more information on why to take testosterone supplements at night read this article.

First Week: For the first week I took two capsules each day before bed. I worked out the same way as I have been doing the past few months. My workout weights weren’t increased nor were my other supplements.

Note: I take ON’s optimum protein powder along with Glutamine. The glutamine was recommended by my coach for faster recovery and the protein as you know for the usual muscle building.

Nothing significant occurred in the first week.

Second Week: I woke up early at 4 am. More correctly I was awaken by my morning wood. My morning wood seemed history and I had totally forgotten about it until now.

I have started to lift heavier weights. Not because I want to but because lifting the usual weights seemed very easy. My arms and chest are a little bigger and stronger. I feel that my chest is a separate entity. Occasionally, my chest seems popping up from body. There is a nice thin valley like depth separating my two chests.

Third week: Morning woods now occur daily. And I am starting to get erections in the afternoon. I think my dick is going crazy. I did a little research on getting erections in the afternoon and found that it’s common. Actually this is the time when your testosterones are at their highest level. My shoulders are getting stronger and feel my stomach going inside. Imagine Johnny Bravo with wide shoulder and slim hips. But when I look in the mirror I don’t see much difference from my previous self. Maybe because I am a poor judge of my body.

Fourth week: This is the last week of me testing SpartagenXT. I am now lifting twice the amount of weight prior to using Spartagen. I have developed nice mass over my chest, biceps and a little over my shoulder and triceps. My chests are bigger than ever. My stomach has shrunk and my hips look smaller. Four weeks before, my hip was 30 and now it’s 28. The fat around my stomach is gone and the oblique muscles are looking good. My face has lost its last bit of chubbiness and I look more manly than ever. I don’t have six packs but my abs are washboard abs. My girlfriend loves playing with abs. And oh, she says that I am better at bed and last longer than ever. Now, that’s a compliment I never expected.

Final say on Spartagen: I would say Spartagen XT changed my life for good. I am more vibrant and full of energy. My confidence level has increased and my daily life is simply great. All this was achieved because I look better than before. I am planning to continue Sparatgen XT until I find a better testosterone supplement.

TestoGen Review

Now let’s talk about Testogen.

Testogen is another popular testosterone supplement. This is used by many people. Once I noticed another gym goer talking about testogen. I didn’t ask him whether he was taking it. But it was sufficient to get me interested in it.

So what is Testogen?

Testogen is another natural testosterone supplement like Spartagen. It also contains some powerful active ingredients which are known to boost testosterones and are used in ancient times as aphrodisiacs..

The ingredients of Testogen are:

Fenugreek Seed: A 2010 study found that Fenugreek seed extract helped 30 men reduce body fat while increasing their testosterone level. A 2011 study concluded that 600mg of Fenugreek seed extract increased arousal and libido in men significantly.

Vitamin D3: It is known to boost testosterone. A 2011 study found that people who took Vitamin D3 for a year  increased their free testosterone by a whopping 25% .

Vitamin K2: This vitamin helps stabilize testosterone levels in your body.

Vitamin B6: Helps the testes in testosterone production.

Magnesium: It’s the most essential mineral. In a study of triathletes, it was found that magnesium reduced the time taken to run, swim and bike continuously. It is also known to help with cardiovascular and testosterone production. In short, magnesium reduces stress and makes better use of glucose in your body.

Zinc: A 1981 study found that men with low testosterone levels  performed extremely well in bed when they took Zinc . This vital mineral is easily lost through sweat. Hence, the need to take it as a supplement.

D Aspartic Acid: This amino acid  tells your brain to secrete more Leutinizing hormone and growth hormone . Both these hormone are directly responsible for testosterone production. In a 2012 study of 60 men who took D Aspartic acid for 90 days, it was found that their testosterone production increase by 60%.

Let’s begin our monthly test.

I visited their website and ordered a single bottle.

I received them in 5 days. I was slightly disappointed with the delivery time. As it was longer than Spartagen and five days seems a little too long taking into consideration that Amazon delivers within two days.

I took two capsules each day for the entire month. This is how my personal experience with Testogen was.

First week: I was taking the capsule at night. Again, you need to take testosterone supplement at night for best performance. For the first week I didn’t feel any difference at all. This is completely understandable as it takes time for these testosterone supplements to work.

 Second week: In the second week I was working out the same weights. I was unable to lift heavier ones. However, I noticed that I was able to do more cardio time. Usually I run for 20 minutes and then start working out. However, this time I felt like running 30 minutes which I did. And when I went to work out I didn’t feel even a single bit of tiredness in me. I usually run with a medium intensity and heart beat averages around 95. However, after using Testogen for two week my heart beat averaged 90 beats per min. This clearly indicates an increased stamina.

Note: even my lasting duration in the bed increased.

Third Week: I started noticing morning woods in the third week. If you remember, I noticed morning wood from second week while on Spartagen. And as far as lifting weights is considered I was working with the same weights though my muscle mass at this time had increased a little. My shoulder was getting rounder and I was shredding on the abs.

Fourth Week: By the end of fourth week I was lifting 1.5x times of my usual weight. This wasn’t much improvement for me. When a person is continuously lifting weight then he is bound to increase his muscle mass naturally thereby increasing his ability to lift more. And when you are taking a supplement then you should expect much more than just 1.5x times of increasing weight.

In the end, I had increased sex duration with my girlfriend, had my muscular body ripped (I didn’t build enough mass as it happened with Spartagen XT) and an increased stamina.

The Difference between using Spartagen XT and Testogen.

There was one major difference between using Spartagen and Testogen, it’s Stamina.

With Spartagen I did had increased muscle mass and a great sex life. With Testogen I had slightly lower results but had an increased stamina. I lasted longer in bed compared to while using Spartagen and I could run an extra 20 minutes and work out harder consecutively.

Since both Spartagen and Testogen are equally priced I believe the guys at Testogen could have done better. But I would like to congratulate them on creating Testogen.

TestRx Review

Coming to our final and next testosterone booster, the TestRx.

This is another testosterone supplement that has good reputation online. There are several ingredients that makes TestRx. But before we could talk about TestRx’s ingredients let’s look at some of the promises and statements made on their official website.

  • TestRx claims that they are made in a USA FDA approved GMP lab. This according to me isn’t a big claim. Almost all testosterone supplements are made in the US and all are FDA approved labs. So no biggies here.
  • They say that their supplement is a powerhouse of ZMA. The abbreviation stands for Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. In a study conducted on football players in 2000 it was found that when they were supplemented with Zinc, Magnesium and Vitmains B6 their total testosterone levels increased in just 7 weeks. Now, this claim is something worth considering. Moreover, the ZMA combination is also known to increase your immunity apart from increasing your muscle recovering time.
  • Finally, they state their ingredients are a blend of powerful testosterone boosters and you will notice visible and impressive muscle growths. Again, this claim is worth considering because while experimenting the previous two testosterone boosters, the visibility of muscle gain wasn’t significant enough. I think TestRx is the only supplement making this claim.

Let’s talk about the ingredients of TestRx. They are:

Fenugreek seed Extract:

In a 2010 study when fenugreek extract was given to 30 men it was found that their overall body fat decreased while their overall free testosterone levels increased.

In another study conducted in 2011 men were given 600 mg of Fenugreek extract. This increased their arousal levels and libido greatly. However, it is to be noted that these men were without erectile dysfunction.

Vitmain D3

This vitamin helps in absorption of calcium in small intestines. At the same time it is also known to increase your overall testosterone level by 25%.

In a 2011 study 112 men were supplemented with Vitamin D3 for a year. At the end of the year the average increase in testosterone levels of all men were 25%. This shows how vital Vitamin D3 is for increase in testosterone levels.

Vitamin K2

In a study done on rats it was found that Vitamin K2 increased testosterone levels. In humans it was found Vitamin K2 deficiency leads to lower testosterone production. Moreover, it has several other benefits one of them being that it improves cardiovascular health.

D Aspartic Acid:

D aspartic acid is one of the two aspartic amino acid. It is linked with your brain or central nervous system. This amino acid tells your brain to increase Luteinizing hormone’s and Growth Hormone’s production.

In a 2012 study 60 men between the age of 18 and 44 were given D Aspartic acid for 3 months. It was found that their virility increased by 30% and they lasted longer in bed.


This is a combination that we talked earlier. The combinations are of Zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6. This combination is known to increase testosterone levels greatly.

I think talking about TestRx ingredients is more than enough. It’s time to see what Test Rx brings to the table.

When I visited their website I loved it. It was very simple clean and to the point. There are five things that TestRx promises.

  1. Getting Huge Muscles
  2. Losing Weight
  3. Increasing Strength
  4. Having More Energy and
  5. Increasing sex drive.

I quickly ordered by hitting their large red order button.

Paid using my credit card and waited for the package to arrive.

The package arrived in just 3 days. (I love it more than ever)

I quickly jumped on to test this out.

First week: I took two capsules each day for the entire one week period i.e for 7 days. I didn’t notice any change in my sex drive or muscle gains. It is okay. Because you cannot expect miracles in short time. However, what I did notice is that my stomach was thinner than before. I thought to myself that I must be eating lesser but I was completely shocked at the end of the month. Read on to find why.

Second Week: I got my first morning wood on the tenth day i.e in the middle of second week. And on the eleventh day I had my first wet dream in almost a year. I regularly have sex with my girlfriend and wet dreams became a thing of the past. However, after using Test Rx I had wet dreams.

This is good news and indicates that my testosterone levels are increasing and thereby are producing more sperm.

Third week: I was getting better and better at sex. I was lasting longer, my girth became thicker and my penetration even became harder than ever.

With regards to muscle I didn’t feel much difference. In fact, I could feel myself as thinner than before in the mirror. This is probably because my stomach was getting thinner. Most important of all, my entire body was being shredded and I could see the lean muscles popping up.

Fourth week: I hardly gained any muscle but my endurance during sex has greatly increased. I think this testoterone supplement is more focused on as a male enhancement. This is best when you consider it as a male enhancement pill. However, if you consider it as something that helps to build muscle then it fails there.

To summarize, this is a great supplement for increasing your sex drive and stamina in bed. However, it doesn’t help with muscle gain as other testosterone boosters do. Buy this only if you are looking to enhance your skills at sex. It increases your sperm volume and even the quality of your sperm. I can see my sperms getting thicker and thicker day by day. In just one week I can unload increased quantity with great thickness. Even the girth of my penis is increased greatly.

Nothing more to say. You will have to try it yourself to see and feel the difference.

Which supplement to buy Out of Three?

The answer really depends on your needs.

For those who want big Muscles: Obviously Spartagen XT is the choice in this case. I have tested several testosterone supplements and now I am going back to using Spartagen XT. I love this supplement. I had huge muscle gain in the shortest available time. Moreover, my endurance levels in bed has increased greatly too.

For those who want Both Muscle Gain and Virility: Again, in this case, Sparatagen appears as undefeated winner. This is the perfect testosterone booster for those who are looking to increase muscle mass and increase your performance, stamina and endurance in bed.

For those who are looking to only enhance their sex: In this case TestRx is the best choice. I have never seen such powerful natural testosterone supplement that increased my virility to such an extent. My sex life has increased greatly with this one supplement. Now, I am taking this supplement along with Spartagen. This gives me the chance to increase muscle and at the same time increase my sex performance.

Here are some natural ways (my personal formula to increase testosterone level)

Before you can go and purchase the testosterone booster of your choice I would like to share my secret recipe to increase testosterone levels naturally with just exercise and food.

Yes, there are some exercises that increase your overall testosterone levels and there are some great foods that are known to increase libido.

Increasing your testosterone through exercise

Not all exercises are same. Their benefits differ. If you just walk into a gym you will notice most doing cardio, other working out their chest and some for their arms. You will rarely find someone who is working out his legs or doing dead lift.

And yet, these two exercises are the most important exercises for men to increase their testosterone. This comes as a shock to me as to why most men overlook these exercises. Probably because the muscle of your legs aren’t visible as your chest and biceps are. Or because they don’t help in sculpting your shape.

Whatever, the reason is they are vital for your health.

Today I am going to teach you how to do it right.

How to Squat properly

Stand shoulder width apart. You can extend your leg further if you are taller than normal. Take a weight you are comfortable with. I prefer dumbells but you can add weights on a barbell and use it.

Lift the weight and place on the back of your shoulder.

Now, slowly start to squat.

Go as low as possible without leaning forward.

While doing this exercise imagine pushing your glutes backwards and at the same time bending your legs so that you can squat.

Wait for a second and then return to starting position. Do ten reps per set for 4 set. If you  can handle the weight for more than 12 reps then increase the weight. If you can’t handle the weight for less than 10 reps then decrease the weight.

Doing the Perfect Deadlift

Deadlift is another great exercise that helps you to increase your testosterone levels.

Workout with the weight you are comfortable with. It can be either dumbbell or barbell.

Stand in front of the weight with legs shoulder width apart.

Slowly bend forward and lift the weight and stand straight. This will be your starting position.

Now, slowly bend forward at the hip without bending your legs. Go low as far as you can without bending your legs.

Wait for a second and slowly return to your starting position.

Repeat this exercise for 4 sets with 10 reps per set.

Note: This exercise is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is advised to workout with care. Placing a belt at your hip helps to safeguard your back. Many people have hurt their back while doing this exercise. Be warned.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally using foods.

I have tried this technique of eating right. And in just ten days I have noticed a greater sex drive than usual. My man organ would be stiff and strong as rock. Once, my girlfriend even told me that my manhood was penetrating like real wood.

I know that’s a great compliment and most men will die for it.

Here’s the secret for it.

Eat low to no carb. Yes, carbohydrate is not necessary for your body. I don’t care what the doctors or what your coach tells you. You don’t need carbohydrate, your body can synthesize its own carbohydrate.

Of course, it is hard to go on a very low carb diet in the beginning. But once you get used to this kind of eating you will thank me.

So what should one eat if not carbohydrate?

One should eat meat. Anything that lives and runs can be considered as an excellent meal. You don’t have to worry about the natural fat content in them. In fact the fats of meat are great source of energy. I encourage you to eat fat. No, you won’t get a heart attack.

Here’s what you must eat. Eat red meat along with fat and veggies. Do not use refined oils. Use only cold pressed oil. Any oil is fine.

Eat the same kind of food whenever you are hungry and any number of time. You don’t have to follow the breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. That is just created for workers so that they can get time to eat and then start working again.

Our body is very complex and you cannot put hunger into a time.

Avoid every kind of grains and tubers like potato and beets. They are full of starch. Avoid sugar and fruits.

When I say to avoid fruits everyone looks at me like I am crazy. See fruits have fructose in them and when you eat them they are converted into sugar in our body.

Even avoid fruit juices completely.

So basically, you will be eating meat, fats, butter, green veggies and fish.

If you don’t trust me then just follow this diet for 10 days and you will be amazed at the results.

You will feel like ripping and hitting something. You will be filled with energy like you have never felt before. You won’t feel even a wee bit of lethargy. In short, you will feel rejuvenated.

Now, I would like to conclude this lengthy post and take leave.

Have a great day.