Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men With Impotence, Decreased Libido

Testosterone replacement therapy is a popular treatment for males experiencing sexual problems for instance impotence and lowered libido. But fresh research suggests it’s not the particular cure-all it is touted being.
While very low testosterone ranges do dampen sexual drive, other factors, such as age group, body mass index (BMI), hypertension and diabetes, furthermore influence men’s sexual operate. Some men likewise have blockages in the blood vessels in their penis that will go undiagnosed.

 “Testosterone-replacement remedy has become very common. [But] we’d like a lot less testosterone regarding sexual function as compared to people used to think,” claims Dr Michael Marberger, brain of the urology department on the University of Vienna School of medicine in Austria. “Obesity influences sexual function far more [than testosterone].”

Dr Marberger added in which doctors are often also quick to give individuals testosterone, when something different, such as high blood pressure or perhaps obesity, might be the true culprit. Did you know? Rousing the brain with a suprisingly low electric current can boost a person’s maths ability for six months, British neuroscientists are finding.

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