Male Menopause Negatively Affects Millions of Men

When testosterone levels start falling, males can easily encounter substantial emotional and physiological changes. Low testosterone levels most often goes undiagnosed and therefore without therapy. Low testosterone levels signs and symptoms can interfere with a man’s well being and should not be ignored.

Medical professionals look at testosterone variations as a normal aspect of getting older. But is this “normal” good for a man who may live another thirty or forty years. A man’s experience hormone decline are different from what women typically experience. A man’s androgenic hormone or testosterone levels decrease more slowly, with testosterone levels dropping around one percent each year beginning in their late thirties.

Male Menopause Lowers Testosterone

Lower testosterone levels responsible for reduced sexual prowess, tiredness, and putting on extra weight. Are you experiencing unwanted weight gain, an inability to concentrate, lack of productivity, moodyness, low libido and unexplained aches and pains? Males can be affected from birth with problems caused by low testosterone levels because of genetic factors.

Male Hormone Replacement

So what are the treatments for male hypogonadism caused by low testosterone include hormone replacement therapy testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Men can use physician prescribed testosterone pellet implants, topical gels, patches, and injections. Some of these medications are actually synthetic analogs of the testosterone molecule produced by humans while others are identical in structure and are referred to as bio-identical testosterone. Low “T” levels have been associated to serious medical disorders like as high cholesterol, impotence, having diabetes and heart disease.

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